Cortex is a team of software engineers, data scientists, and research scientists dedicated to developing state-of-the-art machine learning capabilities to refine and transform our products.

Twitter is the heartbeat of the world: it is the only platform that offers insight into everything that is happening live. Our challenge: content that’s posted on our platform is very rich, and our users’ interests very diverse. Machine learning can help us connect users to the right content, and improve the quality of our products.

Our mission

To achieve this, we have two missions:

  1. Learn content & user representations that enable product impact from content classification to relevance. Generally, we want to project content and users in a space where we can automatically answer questions such as:
    • does that video stream focus on a musician?
    • does that tweet refer to local news?
    • is that user interested in this tweet?
    • is that trend relevant to that user?
    • is this tweet about this subject?
  2.  Build the most advanced AI platform in the world, at Twitter scale, to apply the most complex AI algorithms to our most challenging datasets, seamlessly.

Our work

Check out our latest release for Torch:

Work with us

If you are a brilliant machine learning researcher, data scientist or software engineer, and want to be part of a world‑class team working on the most exciting technology applied to Twitter data then consider these positions: